Architectural Design Services

At JMR+H we believe intelligent, creative and thoughtful response coupled with unparalleled service to a project represents the core philosophy of our practice. Our belief is that the architectural and functional experience created through design should enhance the lives of individuals and communities alike.

Our practice includes a complete range of architectural services from concept inception through program definition and building design and construction. Our firm includes a professional and technical staff championing efforts in sustainable design, code compliance, building design and quality control including complete contract administration services. This staff and the experience they possess enhance the caliber of each assigned task.

Additionally, we often find our practice working with developers and agencies with feasibility studies due diligence forensic investigations and facility master planning. These efforts are often critical to the success of the conceptual planning of each new or renovated facility.

Schedule Control

Design and construction projects will ultimately be associated with a schedule representing delivery expectations of services and occupancy. Senior staff members provide invaluable input into the formation of critical paths representing milestones within the design / construction process. Our insight into the value of project scheduling is enhanced with timely evaluation of work progress and field representation which ensures conformance with accepted scheduling requirements. 

Interior Architectural Environments 

As building users spend the majority of time in the interior spaces of a building, it is imperative the interior environment ameliorate the experience of those who ultimately occupy the spaces we create. JMR+H interior team works to ensure our services reach far beyond color and material selections. As workplace consultants it is our charge to investigate, interpolate and understand how each interior environment will be used. Our team works diligently with users and owners to completely understand performance expectations for the spaces in which we work, live and congregate. From enhanced use programming through interior architectural design and final move-in occupancy, our team may be involved with all aspects of interior architecture which affects how the user occupies and ultimately experiences each space. 

Sustainable Building Design 

We are constantly challenged with the responsibility of proper environmental stewardship with regard to sustainable design. Sustainability begins with understanding the importance of site analysis, building orientation, materials selection and energy performance which drive important design decisions and in turn, result in thoughtful, vernacular responses incorporating modern technological systems appropriate for the demands of high performance facilities.

Our LEED Accredited Professionals remain committed to ensuring the sustainability requirements of today's sophisticated client not only enhance our design responses, but truly affect an owner's bottom line with regard to building performance cost. While some would view sustainability and green building as the new industry "buzz words", we simply believe it is responsible design practice.